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Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps – The Natural Air purifiers

Himalayan rock salt crystals formed at the foothills of the Himalayas millions of years ago. They were formed from the salt  deposits of an ancient sea under the enormous pressure of the world’s largest mountains. The incredibly high pressure produced the superior crystalline patterns and exceptionally beautiful translucent qualities not found in salt crystal lamps from other parts of the world.
The crystals are mined by hand, avoiding the use of explosives, and carefully shaped to retain their pristine qualities. The The Himalayan salt lamps cast a warm magical glow, while cleansing the ambient air and providing the soothing effects of color on the mind and body. 

Illuminated salt crystal lamps act as Natural Ion Generators and clean the ambient air by the alternating actions of the salt’s ability to first absorb water, and then evaporate it. The salt then neutralizes any unhealthful positive ions (pollution) and emits the neutralized molecule back into the air. The ion emission process of the Salt Lamps is unique due the electrically neutral atomic structure of salt.
The ambient air surrounding the salt lamp is measurably cleaned by the transformation cycle of hydrogen and oxygen, as well as sodium and chloride ions. The greater the surface area of the salt crystals used for the lamp or lamps, the greater the ability to improve air quality. Ideal for daily use in the home, near computers and televisions, around pets, in offices and anywhere else you want to improve air quality and promote health and wellness. 

Salt crystal lamps promote comfort, relaxation and a healthy environment. Himalayan Rock Salt Crystals act as air purifiers by neutralizing harmful pollutants and emitting health promoting ions through a process only possible with the mineral salt.
It is well known that chemical salt is essential for bodily functions. From a biophysical view, salt is also essential for it’s ability to transmit cosmic oscillations. The Himalayan salt crystals resonate with Earth’s harmonizing and life sustaining electromagnetic frequency, often referred to as the Schumann resonance (alpha frequency in the 8-12 cycles per second range). The illuminated salt crystal lamps work as natural amplifiers for these good vibrations so necessary for our health and well being

Salt Crystal Lamp Color Therapy
The beauty of the Himalayan rock salt crystals is unmatched. The warm translucent glow of the crystals provide soothing vibrations of color that promotes relaxation and enhances our state of well being.
The well known principles of color therapy suggest that human beings need light waves within the rainbow spectrum (300-700 nanometers) to maintain optimal health. Some benefits associated with the colors produced by the salt crystal lamps are listed below:
Orange – Helpful to our nervous system and our mind and activates the kidneys and bladder.
White – Represents the healing aspect with a cleansing and detoxifying effect.
Brown – Helps to find ones own balance and grounding.
Pink – Opens your emotional body while enhancing the sense of partnership and love.
Red – Strengthens the vital life, promotes circulation and activates the heart. 


Speleotherapy Sanatoriums located in European countries: Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Armenia, and Asian countries as Natural health alternative for respiratory conditions, immune system dysfunction and illnesses.

Speleotherapy Sanatoriums’, organized in old, used Salt Crystal Rock mines because of high concentration of Ionized Air, Negative Ions produced by Salt Crystal Rock. Also because of demand from people with respiratory, asthma, allergy and immune deficiency problems.
Local people and people from other countries; France, England, Germany, Italy, Spain….. actively use Speleotherapy as Natural Health Alternative without side effects.

Speleotherapy means, be located in a room or area with a presence of Salt Crystal Rock and breathe with Ionized air , Natural Negative Ions produced through Ionization process by Salt Crystal. People sign up for 20 – 30 days Sanatoria course, and stay 900 to 1500 feet underground ( depend on a Salt Crystal Mine location ) without going to the “top” . All living necessities are provided : food, exercise, sleeping, living quarters. Most people leave home with a Ionizing Salt Lamp to continue a positive result of Speleotherapy they have in Sanatorium.

There are different grades or qualities of Salt Crystal Rocks. Prices and quality may vary depending on the origin and reputation of the mines. You are assured that the lamps you get are from the most reputable mine location known for their health benefits and lionizing qualities.

Speleotherapy sanatoriums are organized deep under ground and people stay there 24 hours a day, 20 – 30 days and come back up to the ground surface renewed, refreshed with improved respiratory, allergy and immune systems. 

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