Orange Peel Powder

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Sindhiya’s Orange Peel Powder – An organic solution of skin problems!! Now available.
We all know that oranges are great for health, right? But as with all fruits, the peel actually has a much higher concentration of vitamins, minerals and nutrients than the fruit itself! Applying orange juice on your face is so beneficial. So just imagine how much more beneficial it would be to apply the peel, rich in skin-boosting nutrients, on your face!

If you are looking for an all natural, refreshing face mask ingredient to give your skin cells a healthy boost, orange peel powder is for you! This powder can be used in face masks to help people who:
* have oily skin
* have persistent blackhead problems
* want to reduce discolouration, pimple scars and blemishes on their face
* want to lighten their skin tone
* want smoother softer skin

How Potent Is It for Glowing Skin?

Orange peel powder naturally has many properties that will heal, protect and maintain beautiful facial skin. Here are some of the main properties:

Natural cleanser;
Penetrates into the pores and deep cleans the pore, breaking down any oils, grime, dust, pollution and pus to prevent blackheads, whiteheads, acne and pimples.

Natural astringent;
Tightens skin, makes skin firmer, controls excessive oiliness, dries out acne, prevents acne and pimple formation.

Instantly refreshes the skin, reduces the size of pores, balances pH level in the face, protects skin for trapping pollution and dust in everyday life.

Improves circulation;
By promoting blood circulation in the skin, orange peel powder promotes a healthy rosy-coloured tone in skin. Improved circulation enables nutrients in the blood to reach the skin cells and nourish it.

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