Shikakai – Acacia Concinna

Shikakai – Acacia Concinna

Shikakai (Acacia Concinna) is a small shrub-like tree which grows in the warm, dry plains of Asia. For centuries the people who have had access to this tree have used its pod-like fruit to clean their hair. They collect, dry and grind this pod into a powder which is considered a superior cleanser for “lustrous long hair” and has been reported as “promoting hair growth and preventing dandruff”. Because of these benefits, this powder was named “Shikakai” which literally translates as “fruit for the hair” 

The bark contains high levels of saponins, which are foaming agents that are found in several other plant species. Saponin-containing plants have a long history of use as mild cleaning agents. Saponins from the plant’s pods have been traditionally used as a detergent and in Bengal for poisoning fish and are documented to be potent marine toxins.

In commercial extracts, when the plant is hydrolyzed it yields lupeol and spinasterol and acacic acid lactone, and the sugars glucose, arabinose and rhamnose. It also contains hexacosanol and spinasterone. The saponin of the bark has spermicidal activity against human semen.

The leaves have an acidic taste and are used in chutneys. The leaves contain oxalic, tartaric, citric, scenic and ascorbic acids, as well as two alkaloids, calyctomine and nicotine. An infusion of the leaves has been used in anti-dandruff preparations. Extracts of the ground pods have been used for various skin diseases. 

Typically, Shikakai is mixed with water to make a paste which is worked through the hair. It lathers moderately and cleans hair beautifully. It has a natural low pH, is extremely mild, and doesn’t strip hair of natural oils. Usually no rinse or conditioner is used since Shikakai also acts as a detergent. This ancient product is probably the world’s original pH balanced shampoo

Shikakai is a complete tonic for retaining complete softness of hair. It is a unique remedy for natural and beautiful hair. At Sindhiya Enterprise its powder is prepared for your use with the choicest of Shikakai. Efficient process hygiene maintains the nourishing essences of the Shikakai

It also helps in removing dandruff and lice. Shikakai is a nut from a tree. The powder is used to wash hair. It is very effective in removing oil and dirt from hair. The normal practice is to apply oil to hair and scalp and allow it soak for sometime. This will keep the body cool, reducing body heat & also prevent the scalp from getting dry. The powdered Shikakai is used as a shampoo to wash off the oil

How to USE

Various other items like amla, fenugreek (Methi), green gram (payaru), curry leaves (karuvaepilai), hibiscus flowers, neem seeds and reetha(Soapnuts) are dried along with the Shikakai and powdered. Amla, Methi, hibiscus has a cooling effect, aid in hair growth. Karuvaepilai and amla aid in darkening of hair color. Reetha (soapnuts), Amla and Shikakai are helpful to make healthy, strong, silky and free of disease.

It is a good cleanser. It has a natural low pH, is extremely mild, and doesn’t strip hair of natural oils. Usually no rinse or conditioner is used since Shikakai also acts as detergent. It is also used to combat dandruff.

Shikakai is the natural non-polluting product do not pollute our environment, consider as renewable primary products. The Shikakai trees absorb Carbon dioxide and turn it into Oxygen.

Sindhiya Enterprise collects the Shikakai directly from people of hill tribes, forest and surrounding areas who especially women collect Shikakai from the wild and forest, this is the mail income source of common people of the area in the winter season when Shikakai (fruit) comes on its little trees.

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