Lovage Seeds (Ajwain)

Lovage Seeds (Ajwain)

Ajwain (Ajwan / Croom Seeds) is native to India, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan is similar to cumin in appearance but different in taste. This is widely used as a food preservative across the world. Its strong and distinctive thyme-like fragrance adds a distinctive flavor to the food products. It is also known as bishop’s weed or carom.

Common Names: Ajowan, Lovage Seeds, bishop seeds, Ajwain, Jowain, Jannr.
Botanical Name: Trachyspermum amoni (L.)
Family Name: Sprague Apiaceae

Uses of Lovage Seed

Cultivation Zone: Ajowan is native to India, but is also cultivated in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Iran, Egypt Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Culinary Uses: The spice is used in a number of food products including savory snacks, breads, and pastries. It has a particular affinity to starchy foods like savory pastries and breads, especially parathas. It is also good with green beans and root vegetables, Lentil dishes and recipes using besan (chick pea flour). It is occasionally an ingredient of curry powder.

Medicine: One of its popular uses is to cure indigestion and asthma. The spice is also used as a fungicide. The oil extracted from the seed is said to possess germicidal, anti-spasmodic and fungicidal properties.

NOTE: The use of products and methods written above are traditional; we are not responsible for any kind of injury and side effects.

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